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Prices - Boyce Home Maintenance

Boyce Home Maintenance


Call for special rates!
Our handyman team is always on hand and happy to help, below is a breakdown of our prices. Our prices won’t break the bank and we offer customer service that is second to none. If there is a price not mentioned please call us today at (360) 558-0585.
We offer a convenient online payment method using PayPal. Pay for your services now!
Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm Price (excl. Tax)
Per Hour $75
Subsequent Half Hours $37.50
Half Day $375
Full Day $750
Minimum 3 Hours
Monday - Sunday after 5pm Price (excl. Tax)
Per Hour $112.50
Subsequent Half Hours $56.25
Minimum 3 Hours

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We service all of Clark Country, located in Vancouver, Washington. Handyman Vancouver, WA.